Raspberry Pi launches its own keyboard and mouse; available in Pi stores

Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse

When I read this news I couldn’t help but remember a comment made by an acquaintance: they have been taking things from the devices until they turn them into mobiles/tablets and now they are adding things to them again to turn them into computers. But thinking about this I am wrong, since the reason for the Raspberry Pi boards is not exactly to make portable devices. In any case, the famous motherboard company has launched two more products: a keyboard and a mouse.

As you can see in the image above, the keyboard design is striking for two reasons: firstly, because it looks very much like a keyboard that Apple would have designed and, secondly, because it includes its own logo in what in other keyboards we would see the Microsoft logo, an image that, as a Linux user, I don’t like to have in my laptop. As we will explain later, both devices are in two colors, but I think the one that looks best if we want to be faithful to Raspberry’s philosophy is the one they have used in their promotional image: red and white.

Raspberry Pi keyboard and hub

The Raspberry Pi keyboard proposal has no special features. It is a small keyboard without the numeric part, but with three more USB ports to connect any peripheral we may need to our Rasbperry Pi board.

Raspberry Pi keyboard lights

On the top right we will have three lights that will indicate if we have blocked the capital letters, the numbers (?) or the displacement. The “Super” or “Meta” key has the famous raspberry icon, which I think is what gives it the most personal touch. Its technical specifications are as follows:

  • 79-key keyboard
  • 3 USB 2.0 type A ports.
  • Automatic keyboard language detection.
  • Micro USB port (for connecting the board)
  • USB to micro USB cable included
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi products
  • Available in English (British and US), German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • It is available in red and white or black and grey.

As with the board, the most important thing about this keyboard is not its functions, but that it is available at a very attractive price. The keyboard only has a price of 18.10 £/strong>, but we can buy the keyboard + mouse combo for 25.79 £ (22) in some specialized shops like the one in the UK.

Single mouse with three buttons and wheel

We can’t say there’s anything special about the mouse either, much less that it’s for gamers. It’s a mouse with three buttons and a navigation wheel. It connects to the keyboard or any other computer through a USB connector. These are the specifications that we can see on their website:

  • Three button optical mouse.
  • Displacement wheel.
  • USB type A connector
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Compatible with all Raspberry Pi products
  • It is available in red and white or black and grey.

If you are wondering, an optical mouse is one that has no mechanical ball at the bottom, but a light with which it detects movement. The main advantage of these mice is that they don’t get as dirty as ball mice, but they don’t work particularly well on shiny surfaces.

Its price per unit is 8.55 euro, but you can take advantage of the combo and buy it next to the keyboard for the 25.79 euro mentioned above (only in some stores).

Only available in Pi

tiendas raspberry España

The main problem these two devices have nowadays is where to buy them. In fact, at the time of writing this post there was no option available to buy them in Spain from their website; the option “Rest of the world” appeared and told me that there was none in my country, so I started to write the article with the data of a UK store.

At the moment it is available in Spain and also in France. Taking into account that the keyboard is also in German and Italian, we can say that they are also available there. But when we talk about their availability we are talking about their reservation. Orders will start to be sent from April 15th. In Spain, the shops where we can buy this keyboard and mouse are Kubii and Tiendatec. If you are not in a hurry, I would wait for some time, since it is more than likely that soon they will be available in more important shops like Amazon.

Personally, if I had to buy a new keyboard and mouse for a Raspberry Pi I would buy these two new company items. They will certainly be the ones that will offer the most compatibility with the motherboard. On the other hand, I think their price is competitive. What do you think? Do you think they are a good option or do you prefer any other for another reason?

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