Make your own racing drone

DRone de carreras

The drone races are becoming more and more popular, in fact, there are more and more official competitions of this type of apparatus. This has encouraged amateur racers to grow in numbers. However, getting a good racing drone could be expensive if you want a Pro, but with the DIY, you can build yourself a racing drone at a fairly affordable price.

For this there are many possibilities already on the net, some tutorials that teach us how to mount our own drone, others that show us comparisons of the best racing drones, etc. The truth is that the possibilities are quite wide, you could even buy a good drone and prepare it yourself for the competition, which is where we will focus on this article to make it a little more genuine.

DJI FPV glasses

Well, to have a good racing drone, you have to focus on three main areas:

      • FPV goggles to see as if you were inside the drone instead of using the controls by smartphones or screen controls…


<Finally, the other critical factor is the weight and aerodynamics. If we have a drone with a high weight or bad aerodynamics that generates great drag or resistance to the advance, the powerful engines will be of little help. So, maybe you should rethink to lighten the drone as much as possible and dispense with big cameras, external supports (better to integrate the camera inside the fairing), and use materials as light as possible, like carbon fiber.

Now let’s see how we can create the drone I’ve already mentioned, you can proceed in different ways. Kit for racing drone

One of the most comfortable, but also less fun possibilities for the makers, is to buy your racing drone. But within this we can also differentiate between

    • <” rel=”nofollow”>Walkera Runner 250


  • ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro
      • >strong>ARF (Almost Ready to Fly): are chassis that come with almost everything and only need some assembly to customize some details to the pilot’s liking. This is better for the more experienced or handyman. A good set of this type could be:


DJI Phantom

Do it yourself by buying parts separately or modifying an existing drone with upgrades to prepare it for a race. In this case you can do the following:

        • <”>Build your Racing Drone


        • <”>DIY FPV Racing Drone
  • >strong>Control system: if we have an expensive drone, we won’t have too much problem in this sense more than looking for FPV glasses. But if the drone is not very far in this aspect, maybe we should look for controls or slightly better systems to replace it. The problem here is the compatibility of the drone’s own circuitry if it is not modular, as it would not be compatible with a third party system. That is why it is important to choose a good base, a good drone on which to build our racing drone.
  • >strong>Motors: maybe the motors that the drone has are already good, and possibly we must go to the next point to get more speed and agility, but in case they are not powerful motors, I recommend you to think about buying competition motors that must have a low weight, reliability, efficiency (measured in g/W, that is, relation between the weight of the motor and the generated power), motor torque and high RPM, as well as brushless system instead of brushed ones. In order, the best motors would be:

    <” rel=”nofollow”>Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Motor

  • Coolplay Syma X5c1 x5c x5

I hope I have guided you and that this article can help you with this hobby…

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