Create a homemade Nerf gun with step-by-step and crazy modifications

Nerf gun

NERF is a registered trademark for toys. It was created by the Minnesota-based Parker Brothers company in 1969, but is now owned by the Hasbro company. Most of these toys are plastic weapons that can launch foam rubber projectiles or rubber arrows that do not hurt and especially designed for children or not so children .

These kinds of weapons can be bought and are cheap. But you can also create your own Nerf gun or rifle as we will explain here step by step. In both cases, it will be cheap, but the good thing about creating one yourself is that you will have greater ability to modify it to your liking. Many people create them to emulate some weapons from their favorite movies, comic book heroes, etc.

Create your own easy and cheap Nerf gun

Home made Nerf gun

Nerft guns are easy to make. You just need something that generates pressurized air for the launch and little else. Everything you need is cheap and you can easily find it at home, and even use reused material. For example, one way to make your Nerf gun easy is to use a regular plant sprayer like the one you have.

You’ll only need the head, where the trigger is. This element, which sprays the water for the plants, must be attached to a small plastic tube of about 15 cm that you will use as a gun barrel. The joint must be well sealed so that no air escapes. That’s what will generate the pressure to launch the ammunition. When you insert a foam bullet into the barrel, if there is no air leakage, the pressure will be enough to shoot it out at a short distance.

Keep in mind, when injecting a small amount of air, it may not even come out if you are using a very thick pipe. Or it just moves around a little bit or falls off. That’s why it’s best to use tubes when they are narrower, for example 1 cm in diameter and even smaller for the sprayer.

Another option would be to use ‘a syringe’ to inject the compressed air you need to launch the projectile. In this case, if the syringe is large enough and you push the plunger hard, the projectile will come out faster than the previous case. The only thing is that here you will not have a trigger, but it will be a little more uncomfortable to throw. But the procedure would be similar, using the syringe attached to a tube where the projectile is introduced…

You can also use a spring mechanism. Simply put a spring and a mechanism to contract it into a tube and a trigger to release the spring so that it shoots out…

Nerf 3D pistil design
Source Natalie’s blog:

There’s also an alternative that’s a little more advanced, but will give you better results. And that is designing and printing the gun or nerf rifle with the help of a 3D printer. At this site you can find the 3D designs to print directly, or you can create yours from scratch…


Nerf ammunition

As for the projectiles you should use, if they are original, that you can find them in stores at low prices, well better. The only thing you’ll have to do is to find a suitable tube to make them fit perfectly. As they fit very tightly, they will prevent air leaks and make good use of all the force to make them shoot out.

But if you want to create them yourself there is no problem, you can do it with a cork which you can put a small plug in the tip to make it more aerodynamic and to make it weigh a little more. Remember that they can go into the tube tightly, but not so tight that the pushing force can’t push them out.

And it goes without saying that it should be used with care, especially if you have modified it and it has more power than a normal one or you are using different ammunition, because you could hurt or hit someone in the eye. We are not responsible for the consequences.

Ammunition with bombs

Some people make a fun addition to their ammunition by putting a “strong” or “Pop-Its” on the tips, those little bags that are usually sold in fireworks shops or at fairs and contain some grains that when pressed or thrown on the ground explode. The effect is quite curious and you can even shoot someone (in parts other than the face), as the explosion is very mild and does no harm.

Change possibilities

Modified Nerf guns
Photo ©Nic Rosenau

Another of the best options you have is to buy an original Nerf gun and modify its appearance. This way, you won’t have so many problems with the ammunition and the firing mechanism. There are many models and modifications of the most crazy and original.

The craziest models

There are some of the most peculiar Nerf weapons that you will love, and from which you can get ideas, here are some examples:

  • Adam Savage has created a pretty good Nerf gun, as a Nerf Longstrike version. What it basically does is put a harder spring than the one it comes with as standard and that makes it much more powerful. In addition, it also increases the volume of the air chamber, increasing speed and precision.

  • Another youtuber, as he calls himself Captain Xavier, has created an automatic Nerf Rival for zombie movie lovers. It can make 20 shots per second, and has a capacity for 2000 bullets. The best tool to get rid of the “zombies” in your meetings with friends or family…

  • Peter Sripol has created a powerful weapon of precision, although he has neglected aesthetics. He has modified a real Nerf so that it can reach 240 Km/h, so you shouldn’t aim or shoot at anyone or it will end the party in the emergency room… In fact, you can see his effects in the video:


  • If you want to shoot… art… you can use this modification that instead of projectiles shows light holograms. Although it is not a gun itself, the effect is most striking and amazing for lovers of magic or series where some of these arts are used that you can imitate. It really shows holographic patterns that the human brain interprets through the eye as 360º images. The inspiration is from the Doctor Strange series.

What is your inspiration?


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