DJI Phantom 4: technical and comparative characteristics

DJI Phantom 4

DJI is a well-known and award-winning Chinese technology company. It is dedicated to designing and producing drones for aerial photography. Its quality is excellent and the characteristics of each model of drone have made it one of the most demanded and successful in the market. Not only are they leaders in sales, but they are also the most used for television and musical work, the film industry for shoots, etc.

It currently accounts for approximately 70% of the drone market share, and would be somewhat higher if you filtered only the professional market. In fact, in 2017 DJI won the Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its technology for the cameras that mount the drones. And if there’s one drone model that stands out, it’s the Phantom series.

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Make your own racing drone

DRone de carreras

The drone races are becoming more and more popular, in fact, there are more and more official competitions of this type of apparatus. This has encouraged amateur racers to grow in numbers. However, getting a good racing drone could be expensive if you want a Pro, but with the DIY, you can build yourself a racing drone at a fairly affordable price.

For this there are many possibilities already on the net, some tutorials that teach us how to mount our own drone, others that show us comparisons of the best racing drones, etc. The truth is that the possibilities are quite wide, you could even buy a good drone and prepare it yourself for the competition, which is where we will focus on this article to make it a little more genuine.

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