Set Screw: what it is and applications

set screw or stud

There are many screw types on the market, some quite popular and others a bit more exotic for certain specific applications. One of those types is the so called set screw or stud, to which we will dedicate this article to describe everything you need to know about this variety and how it can help you with your DIY projects.

The screw is a very genuine type of screw that is used in some practical applications that I’m sure you have seen on some occasions. For example, the first thing that comes to mind now is in the beacons or streetlights, where they are usually used to hold certain parts of these lights when they come dismantled

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DXF: what you should know about this file format

DXF, file icon

You may have come to this article because you know the DXF files and you need to know more about them, or simply out of curiosity because you didn’t know them. In both cases, I will try to show you all the basics you should know about this important file format in the design field.

Also, you should know that there are many software compatible with this format, and not only AutoCAD can store designs or open them in DXF. In fact, the possibilities are quite numerous…

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Arduino Due: all about this official development board

Arduino Due

You probably won’t be satisfied with any of the official development boards above. If that’s the case, you should know about Arduino Due, another of the official flavors of this fantastic platform. With it you will be able to create many projects, as with the previous ones, but in this case there is a very important different feature, and it is not only the memory, the available GPIO or the size…

I am referring to the microcontroller that this board integrates, since the main chip is not ARM-based. A rarity within Arduino, since the rest are based on 8-bit AVR architecture, while this other board uses the 32-bit ISA ARM. However, this chip is still from Atmel, as usual.

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ASUS Tinker Board: all you need to know

ASUS Tinker Board

ASUS has also joined the Raspberry Pi alternatives with its own SBC (Single Board Computer). And it does so with its ASUS Tinker Board model, a board with higher performance, and somewhat more expensive, than the Pi. Something that could be interesting for those makers who are looking for higher performance for their DIY projects and can’t find it on the Raspi.

However, it also has many similarities with the Raspberry Pi, as the ASUS Tinker Board is also an SBC for assembling your mini PC with which to have a complete computer at a great price and a small size…

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RetroPie: turn your Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming machine

RetroPie logo

If you’re a fan of retro games, those wonderful classics that never go out of style, then you’re bound to be aware of all those emulators and interesting projects that are springing up around the Raspberry Pi. Another of those projects to enjoy retrogaming is RetroPie, and of which I will reveal all the keys.

The truth is that there is more and more interest in this type of project, since the community of users who are passionate about these video games from past platforms keeps growing. In fact, even some manufacturers like SEGA or Atari have decided to give a second chance to some of their past machines to meet this huge demand…

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ADS1115: analog-to-digital converter for Arduino


For those projects where a conversion from analog to digital signal is needed, and the microcontroller used does not have this capability, it is interesting to have this type of module ADS1115, which provides this ADC conversion capability with 16-bit accuracy.

Furthermore, this electronic component may also be interesting to extend the conversion capabilities, even if the microcontroller you are using for your project has such capability but you need something else.

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8 GB now available

Chip 8GB Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi 4 is updated, and now exceeds the 4GB limit imposed in the previous versions of the Model B of this SBC. You can now purchase the Rasbperry Pi 4 Model B 8GB for about $75. This is a very impressive main memory figure that will allow you to run more processes faster.

Almost a year after Raspberry Pi 4 was launched, the intense work of its developers is once again yielding results to satisfy the most demanding users. The Pi 4 has already been a success, with nearly 3 million units sold, in its 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions. I am sure that this new SBC with 8 GB will contribute to the further growth of this figure.

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RecalBox: the ultimate retro gaming platform


If you are looking for a complete system to set up your own multimedia and entertainment center, then RecalBox is the definitive project you need. A system that you can install on your Raspberry Pi and have a cheap device with which to spend long hours of entertainment in your living room or private entertainment room.

If you read OS Hardware, you must know that there are many possibilities for retro gaming, from some components to assemble your home arcade machine, to many other alternatives to RecalBox itself. All for recovering those classic retro machine games from Nintendo, Atari, and more. Real jewels that don’t stop attracting gamers…

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Nest Thermostat: Google’s smart home device

Thermostat Nest

The home automation system has gone from being something complex and involving a specific installation in the home to being something affordable and that can be adapted to any house, even those of older construction. Now there are a lot of devices to domotize your home like smart speakers, smart bulbs, programmable plugs, or devices like the Google Nest thermostat.

The Google Nest thermostat can be a good alternative and/or complement to the smart speakers, bringing other advantages and different functions to your home. If you want to discover more about this invention, I invite you to continue reading this guide…

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Atomic Pi: Muscularized version of the Raspberry Pi for the most demanding

Atomic Pi

There are many SBC plates on the market to rival the original Raspberry Pi. Some are also based on ARM, but there are others that use x86 chips, like the Atomic Pi. This allows them to have superior performance in some cases, as well as being able to use all the binaries and operating systems that you can use in a normal PC. However, they still maintain a small footprint and an affordable price.

Specifically, the Atomic Pi from DLI Direct uses an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 microprocessor. This allows it to have a higher performance than the official Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi. So, if you are looking for a superior performance that the Raspi doesn’t give you, you can buy this other board…

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